At Fattoria Carmignani, wine is also sold in boxes, to be consumed at home or served in commercial activities such as restaurants, wine bars, pizzerias and hotels.

Montecarlo Red 5 lt

Montecarlo White 5 lt

Montecarlo Red 10 lt

Montecarlo White 10 lt

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Buy directly from the producer

The wine we sell is produced in our farm, so buying it directly from us saves any distribution costs. Furthermore, coming to Fattoria Carmignani you will have the opportunity to see our vineyards and our cellar.

Home delivery

If required, the wine from Fattoria Carmignani can be delivered to your home. Also in this case the transport takes place with our vehicles, for the maximum guarantee of service and quality.

You can use your own containers

Our boxed wine can be brought home directly in your containers. Also in this case you will have proof of the maximum freshness of our wine as we will pour it into your containers in front of you, in our cellar.