Production, Sale and Tasting of Tuscan Wine

At Montecarlo, Lucca, in the Heart of Tuscany

Vina parant animos faciuntque caloribos aptos

Wines prepare souls and open them to ardor


“Passing through those fields where the gaze is lost, behind between the green rows and the dense clusters and the palate moistens preparatory to the imminent tasting.”

Paolo Tarabella

You can’t help but stop, wheb arriving in Montecarlo, at the Carmignani Farm, with the typical hospitality of a family-run business and a long standing history of wine written in the foundations (winemakers since 1386). Here you can find the right combination of a scrupulous tradition and modern technologies, therefore ancient and wonderful vines and wines produced by careful hands. The favourable locations favors the perfect exposure of the vineyards to sun rays, so as to allow the production of one of the best white wines of this D.O.C. area certainly appreciated by Bacchus. You will certainly be interested in the enological mystery and here the home sommelier, Elena, intervenes directly with a welcome toast.